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Instructions For Patients


Instructions For Patients

USG Abdomen and Pelvis / USG Pelvis

  • Prior confirmation of appointment is recommended
  • For Abdomen and or Pelvis sonography a full bladder is required. To achieve this –
    • Do not pass urine 1 hour prior to the scan
    • Drink around 1 liter of water slowly before the scan

USG Obstetric – Pregnancy related scans

  • Original USG prescription from the referring doctor is mandatory. Sonography cannot be done without this original prescription. This referral slip / prescription must have –
    • Indication of doing the scan
    • Referring doctor’s signature with Original stamp
    • Referring doctors Degree and Registration number
  • Kindly check the pregnancy duration and confirm your appointment accordingly –
Duration of PregnancyUSG scan doneApprox. Time required
4 – 11 weeksEarly Obstetric scan10 – 20 mins
11 – 13 weeksNuchal translucency (NT) scan + Double marker blood test20 – 30 mins
14 – 18 weeksRoutine Obstetric scan / Early anomaly scan20 – 30 mins
18 – 20 weeksAnomaly scan – TIFFA scan60 – 90  mins or more
22 – 25 weeksFetal Echocardiography60 – 90 mins or more
27 – 40 weeksRoutine Obstetric scan / Obstetric Doppler scan20 – 30 mins
  • Kindly note that NT scan(11 to 13 weeks), Anomaly scan(18 – 20 weeks) and Fetal Echocardiography(22 – 25 weeks) are detailed scans and take significant time. Hence prior appointment is mandatory for these scans.
  • Kindly note that these are detailed and time consuming scans. Occasionally if the baby position is not appropriate the scan may have to be done repeatedly after taking a time break or may even be continued the next day for completion. GOOD SCANS TAKE GOOD TIME – and we appreciate your patience and cooperation in this regard.
  • Urinary bladder should be full for Early obstetric scans (Pregnancy duration 4 to 11 weeks).
  • You need not be in a fasting state for any of these pregnancy related scans. Kindly make sure that you have your meals on time and take all your medicines as usual before these scans.
  • If you have any Pain in abdomen / PV bleeding / Spotting / Excessive vomiting – kindly call us and let us know so that we can complete your scan on a priority basis – depending on the scheduled appointments on that day.

Renal Doppler and Portal Venous Doppler studies –

  • These Doppler scans need atleast 12 hours of fasting

Kindly confirm your appointment beforehand and speak to our USG technician regarding preparation for these scans.