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Is that fever ‘Dengue’?

In a country like India, we are used to various kinds of fevers and infections that range from mild to acute. Not all fevers are a reason to panic because, more than anything, they reflect that the body’s immune system is at work trying to fight it off.

In their growing years, children also get fever as a reaction to vaccines, while travelling to a new place, or merely with seasonal changes. However, fevers like Dengue and Malaria, which are transmitted by specific mosquito bites can be a cause for concern.

So, what do I do when the child is running a temperature?

The first step is to always bring your paediatrician or family doctor in the loop. Let him/her know what the child is feeling.

Secondly, in case the fever is more than 102 degrees F / 38 degrees C, along with the prescribed medication, give the child a sponge wipe to help the temperature come down to normal. Ensure that your child stays hydrated, and keeps drinking water at regular intervals.

What is a Dengue fever like?

Though it appears like a regular fever at first, there are other indicators that indicate Dengue. These include:

Normal temperature:

So then, what is the cure?

A viral fever like dengue should be attended to by your family doctor or pediatrician first. Like other viral infections, it needs to be flushed out of the system with the help of prescribed medicines (usually crocin), lots of fluids and plenty of rest.

Your paediatrician will guide you to include natural supplements in the diet, especially fruits. The child’s regular meals should be non-spicy, light, and easy to digest.

But can it be prevented?

The best thing one can do as a parent, is take precautionary measures. This is to safeguard your child from mosquitoes on a daily basis, thereby reducing the risk. Some of these are:

While you follow these precautions, as a parent you should know that you are already doing your best, all the time. So don’t keep feeling guilty each time your child feels unwell. These are apart and parcel of a child’s growing up, no matter how much you try to protect them. Instead, work on improving their immunity through natural supplements, regular exercise and a happy attitude towards life. Also, don’t forget to attend to your own health and wellbeing.